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Jateya Jones Consulting was birthed from the desire to help multipassionate aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses gain clarity, overcome roadblocks, and find their way.  Gaining clarity gives you the confidence to show up and boldly standout as you claim your rightful spot in the marketplace.

I’m Jateya Jones, founder of Jateya Jones Consulting. My passion is to dig deep inside the hearts of ambitious goal getters and provide them with the clarity to connect the dots between your true calling in life and your passions; transitioning your vision into reality; and coach you on how to clearly communicate your superpowers to others.


Don't just take my word for it, here's what my clients had to say!

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Jateya is the clarity coach that every CEO needs. Her background of being a multi passionate entrepreneur gives her a range of experience and understanding to better guide you to improved messaging. Before working with Jateya I was unable to explain “what I do” in a way that drew interest by potential lead prospects and partners. Now I’m able to communicate a snippet of my platform that causes people to lean in and want to know more. Her other professional services have enabled me to fine tune my messaging and stand out through clarity of my voice, who I serve and how to authentically position my brand.

Linda Murray Bullard.jpg

Linda Murray Bullard

LSMB Business Solutions

You know how you know what you want to say, but you also know it can be said a different way to make it clearer? Jateya is the Clarity Whisperer. She helps to make that thought in your head flow with ease on paper and in print. I am honored to have had our life paths to cross.

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Brittany Sherell

The Intentional Mindset

It is amazing how Jateya is able to "get inside your head" and unravel the tangled ideas that you want to express. She has a way of taking what you're trying to get across to your audience and making it so crystal clear until you even have a better understanding of how to optimize your impact. Once she works her magic on your messaging, it will open the door to attract the people you've been trying to catch all along.


Herdyne Mercier, LCSW 

Chief Grief Crusader

Jateya is a whispering storm filled with WISDOM. She calms the mental storms that comes with growing a business and provides you the clarity you need to WALK ON WATER with Confidence. Thank you my favorite Clarity Coach Jateya Jones.

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Corinthian Carouthers II

Natural Hair Education LLC

Talk about clarity, Jateya is the Queen of helping individuals identify and clearly explain their message. For years I knew what my purpose and vision was but could not clearly articulate it into a message/statement. With a brief explanation to Jateya she identified it as if she had already knew what I have been trying to get out. She help me put that message into a powerful statement. It's her gift and it's a natural thing for her. She help give your purpose and vision life.


Faith Joyner​

For Love Only 

Jateya helped me to clarify my message so that my audience knows exactly what I’m about and they love it! It’s clear, concise, and easy to understand. My audience has grown since I’ve rebranded and I’m so thankful for Jateya’s superpower to add clarity. Sincerely, Faith Joyner Host of

For Love Only Podcast


Chulu Chansa

KuMushi Designs

I am an entrepreneur with multiple interests. Working on Jateya's Confident and Courageous Clarity course and the one on one session with her was extremely helpful. The course made me think in depth about my passions vs. my joys. The clarifying call with Jateya was so helpful as she really found the common thread and succinctly define what I do. It made me feel okay that I may use different ways to achieve what I do. I highly recommend Jateya as a Clarifying coach. If you ever need to spill out your confusion and come out with a resolution Jateya is the coach for you. 

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