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What's Your Motto?

I recently was selected as one of the Expert Panel® of Forbes Councils Members to weigh in with my motto that serves as my guiding principles and sources of strength for me and my team. Check out my motto and several others shared in the below Forbes article, "Want To Keep Teams Motivated? Here Are 15 Mottos Leaders Can Embrace."

'Help Me, Help You, Help Us’

The slogan I use to motivate others is, “Help me, help you, help us!” I’ve found that this simple statement encapsulates a powerful ethos that drives success not only for individuals, but also for our entire company as a whole. It communicates that, as a leader, I rely on your expertise (help me), and I am dedicated to your growth (help you), and that our success depends on our collective efforts (help us). - Jateya Jones, Jateya Jones Consulting

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