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Do More with Less Effort, Magnify Impact, and Increase Income

Client Perspective of the Income Ecosystem VIP Day
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Client Perspective

“The best advertising is done by satisfied customers.”
― Kotler, Philip




During the Clarity phase we go through several exercises to identify the required information and or “Building Blocks” to create your specific roadmap.


In the Connect phase  I assist you with putting the pieces of the puzzle together to manifest your complete vision. 

Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboard


To compound your impact and income, we will strategically construct collaborations between your products, services, partners, etc to create synergy and amplify your desired outcome.


Finally, we will take the deliverables of each phase and create a visual depiction and detailed description of your Income Ecosystem.®️

Working from Home

Create Synergy, Optimize Value, and Drive Innovation

Multi-passionate Entrepreneurs normally have their hands in many different pots and have a new business idea every other day.  As a result, you attempt to create a business for each idea. Mainly because you feel your ideas are extremely different.  

Although you feel they are unalike, something deep down tells you the projects connect in a way that would allow them all to flourish. However, you can’t identify exactly how they connect and or how to generate additional income from the collaboration.

Despite your different passions appearing to not align, they actually connect via a common thread; just in a subtle way.  The common thread is YOU!  The truth is, you naturally do one thing in a multitude of ways. 


What makes you different is known as your unique selling proposition (USP).  Utilizing your USP in different sectors helps you add value, expand your influence, and shift culture. 

Creating an Income Ecosystem streamlines this process; reducing redundancies by only expending your energy once and positively affecting all other entities. 


Ultimately, this results in not just multiple entities creating and sharing collective value, but also time savings, wider reach, and increased revenue.


Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur 
Jateya Jones, Founder & CEO
at Jateya Jones Consulting

Jateya’s gift is Clarity and helping you get CLEAR on what you do; not how you make your money.  Once you know what you do, you can make money doing you!  She helps multi-passionate entrepreneurs and small businesses work cross-functionally to set goals; execute initiatives; as well as improve, standardized and streamline processes — helping organizations run effectively and efficiently.


Jateya started the business to help the younger version of herself; a multi-passionate entrepreneur in need of clarity on how to identify the common thread in all that she desired to do and how to effectively and efficiently communicate her vision. She knew it was imperative to master the skill of communicating with clarity in order to obtain clients and or funding. 

Prior to obtaining clarity she found herself frustrated with not being able to concisely explain what she did to others without sounding all over the place.  She also felt discouraged and isolated by not having a community that understood her. As a result she struggled with burnout due to grinding and not being able to transition her passion into a prosperous revenue generating business. 

Today, Jateya's a multi-passionate entrepreneur who runs several businesses succinctly and successfully all because she mastered one very important trait: clarity.  Being a multi-passionate person, Jateya understands your thought process and therefore desires to provide a nonjudgmental safe space for other multi-passionates to share their visions; while also equipping them with the tools and techniques to communicate with clarity.

This is For You If:

Multi-Passionate visionary that can not articulate your collective vision.

Have many different passions and therefore multiple products, services, and or programs.

Feel your different passions go together somehow, but not sure how. As a result, they feel all over the place and like an imposter.

Thoughts of making each passion a different business.

​Speak of your business entities in silos and never effectively depict the synergies of the collective.

Generating some income, but not truly prospering as much as you know is possible.

Experiencing burnout from tending to so many entities

Desire to branch out into other sectors of business

Continuously presented with business opportunities, but don’t have a way to qualify if they are a good fit into your current business climate

Tackle problems with a non-traditional approach, but unsure of how to seamlessly implement it into a more traditional industry.

This is NOT For You If:

Just beginning your entrepreneurial journey.

Offer one specific service or product.

Communicate with clarity.

Prosperous business.

Tackle problems in the manner commonly used within your industry.

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