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Confidently Communicate

Discover How to Share Not Just What You Do, But Your Passions, Purpose, and Professions in Only a Few Words That Will Captivate Any Audience!

Team Building Session

Clarify, Communicate, and Connect your
Passions, Purpose, and Profession!

Do you struggle to explain what you do, even though you excel in multiple areas? Unfortunately, this can hinder your opportunities and success. Clear communication is the key to showcasing your worth and seizing opportunities that align with your passions and goals. Mastering your ability to articulate your strengths, empowers you to shape your own narrative and reach new heights in your career and or business.Your journey might not fit the traditional mold, but that's what makes you unique. You're not alone. It's time to confidently articulate your value and take control of your professional destiny.

A Transformational Experience

Picture a world where you confidently articulate your worth and expertise. Imagine having the clarity to express your passions, purpose, and profession concisely. It's all possible with this VIP Day experience. Imagine a day dedicated to you, where we unravel the intricacies of your passions, purpose, and profession.

Introducing our VIP Day: Clarity is Your Superpower

Through this VIP Day, you'll gain something priceless: clarity. We'll untangle the web of your diverse skills and passions, finding the golden thread that ties them all together. You'll not only master the art of self-presentation but also craft a strategy to pursue your dream career or business with confidence. This is not just a coaching session; it's a transformative journey tailored for women like you, who are exceptional at many things but find it challenging to communicate their unique brilliance.

The Magic of a VIP Day: Unlock the Power of Clarity

During the VIP Day, you'll gain something priceless: clarity. We'll identify the common thread that ties together your passions, purpose, and profession. You'll learn to express who you are and what you do in a way that captivates and inspires. This VIP day is more than just a coaching session; it's an immersive, personalized experience. When you choose this VIP Day, you'll receive clarity, confidence, and strategy.


During the VIP Day, together we will...

1. Ditch the Titles:  

Remove the titles! We'll delve deep into your passions, skills, talents, and experiences to find the common thread that ties them all together; defining who you are and what you naturally do. 

2. Say More with Less and Master Clear Communication:

No more stumbling over words or telling your life story. Confidently Convey Your Value and Expertise! Learn to articulate who you are and what you do in a way that grabs attention and opportunities.

3. Step into the Spotlight:

Craft a roadmap to leverage your newfound clarity. We'll craft a strategy to maximize your newfound confident communication skills, ensuring you leave an indelible mark that captivates your audience, leaving them hungry for more as you effortlessly convey your unique value and expertise.

A lack of clarity will cause you to shrink when you're meant to shine!

~ Jateya Jones

Your Transformation Awaits

Jateya Jones

                                         , your guide and seasoned expert in

                             helping women like you unlock their potential. Jateya's a serial entrepreneur, leading business strategist, transformation officer, and a proud multi-passionate that helps business leaders drive change at both the system and the individual level. As an innovator, she is committed to helping people unlock their full potential and transform dreams and business visions into reality.

On the individual level, Jateya alleviates the burden of leadership so you can focus on your zone of genius. She is gifted with aiding Multipassionates in filtering through mental chaos and next-step confusion resulting in the clarity required to pursue their calling to generate heart-centered impact and income.

Over the years, she has brought her diverse skill set in coaching, project management, design thinking, instructional design, training development and business communication to companies including Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics to develop global workforce trainings and policies for public health initiatives.

Jateya has always made service a priority. As Founder and Executive Director of Fore Teens, Inc. she helps disconnected youth realize their career aspirations, ensuring an equal opportunity for success. Since its launch in 2018, Fore Teens has provided nontraditional career training and mentorship to hundreds of teens.

As your trusted partner on this transformative journey, together, your unique strengths and passions will be brought to the forefront, opening doors to a world of opportunities. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to a future defined by confidence and purpose. I'm excited to help you clarify, communicate, and connect your passions, purpose, and profession.  Let's get started!

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Real Stories, Real Results
Meet some of my clients who've found their path to success:

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"You must understand how the clarity on who I am helped me to put this entire company together. God knew I needed a "me" to show me who I was. So I'm thankful for what you do! 

Working with you:
  • Helped me discover what I naturally do well. I didn't know what I did well outside of the company role I felt forced into, and you help them discover who I was outside of that role. 
  • Through the sunshine activity, you helped me see that my big ideas were not crazy and that I was okay with speaking those big dreams aloud to other people. 
  • Helped me reconnect with the things I enjoy the most and how to use them in my next endeavor. Like, I love to talk (obviously, you know that by now, LOL), but you helped me see how to use that for speaking.
  • You helped me recall things about myself that I had forgotten or overlooked. Qualities that are extremely useful in this new endeavor, such as being a quick learner, having a good memory, etc. Those are so small and often overlooked exceptional qualities for leading your business. I had to recall what gifts or characteristics I had.
  • The most important thing that it gave me was confidence in myself. Clarity gives you confidence. Understanding that I am more than my role and title at a company, I felt stagnant in, helped me gain so much confidence. Enough to listen to God when he said it was time to go."
Crystal Sherrill, CPS + Co.


Apply TODAY!

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[Virtual  or  In-person]

Start Your Journey to Clarity Now


Join the ranks of empowered women who have confidently communicated their essence and unlocked the doors to success. Your dream career is just a VIP day away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What exactly is a VIP day, and how does it work? Answer: A VIP day is a dedicated, intensive one-on-one session. During this day, we'll work closely together to uncover your passions, purpose, and how to align them with your profession. It's a personalized, transformative experience tailored to your unique needs.

Question: Can this service help me even if my career path is unconventional and doesn't fit traditional norms? Answer: Absolutely! Our VIP day is designed to cater to individuals with diverse and unconventional career journeys. We specialize in helping you make sense of your unique path and align it with your passions and purpose.

Question: How will this service help me overcome imposter syndrome and confidently communicate my value? Answer: Our VIP day provides tools and strategies to help you confidently express who you are and what you do. We'll work on identifying your strengths and unique value, boosting your confidence and clarity.

Question: What can I expect to gain from the VIP day in terms of tangible outcomes? Answer: By the end of the VIP day, you'll have a clear, concise message that communicates who you are and what you do effectively. You'll also possess a strategic roadmap to leverage your newfound clarity towards your dream career or business.

How long is the VIP Day Experience session? The VIP Day session is a 4-hour intensive work day. It is a focused and immersive experience.

What support will I receive after the VIP Day session? After the VIP Day session, you will receive ongoing support to ensure your continued progress and success. This includes 30-days of Voxer access, where we will address any challenges, provide guidance, and help continue to master communicating with clarity. Additionally, you will receive an invitation to join 3 group Clarity Calls held once a month, offering continuous support and accountability.

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