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Plan to W.I.N. Clarity Planner

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Results-Driven Design

The Plan to W.I.N. Clarity Planner is designed with you in mind! It's my go-to planner because it:

  • Organizes your thoughts in a systematic and strategic way.

  • Takes into consideration your personal and professional goals and aspirations.

  • Comes with a guided workbook and virtual training on how to break down your business goals into bite-size, easily manageable tasks.

  • Provides access to the private Clarity Community of like-heart and mind entrepreneurs that understand your struggles, willing to support, and excited to celebrate your wins!

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I guarantee the Plan to W.I.N. Clarity Planner is the perfect planner for you!  Pre-Order sales are open for limited time ONLY.  Remember the price increases after pre-order sales end.

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It's undated so you can make use of the full planner! You don't have to worry about waisting money on unused pages!


Plan to W.I.N.: Align your Personal and Professional Goals
for Dream Transformation

The Plan to W.I.N. Clarity Planner was created because I was tired of wasting money on planners that weren't aligned with my lifestyle. I felt like I need two separate planners; one for life and one for my entrepreneurial dreams.  Continuously, I searched high and low for a planner that was cute and functional.


Eventually, I gave up and drew in what I felt was missing from basic planners. As you can imagine, this was extremely time consuming.  I became discouraged and gradually stopped using my planner everyday.  By the end of each year most of my planners were half empty and became a dumping ground for the same to-do-list, day after day.  Honestly, a Post-it would have sufficed. However, I still had hopes that one day I would find the perfect planner; but I never did. 


For many years, due to the lack of structure, I was absent of the clarity, courage, and confidence necessary to manifest and prosper from my God-given gift. I began to experience feelings of inadequacy, as well as, burn out from working 9-to-5 and blindly hustling from 5-to-9. In addition, I was stuck, confused on next steps, and frustrated by incomplete projects and repeated failed attempts of reaching the same goal.

“In a world full of problems; be the solution.”
— Iris Watts


One day I decided to stop waiting on someone else to solve my problem and do it myself! Overtime, I noticed, my client's faced the same issues.  Therefore, the Plan to W.I.N. Clarity Planner was birthed!  It is specifically designed to guide you through strategic planning and goal execution. Since the planner is part workbook, part planner, I also developed a "How To" training to better assist you in maximizing the use of your planner.


There were so many resources I wished I had while on the hunt for the perfect planner. I truly lacked the skillset to:

  • Communicate with Clarity.

  • Create a visual depiction of a Clear Roadmap of Next Steps.

  • Maximize Limited Resources, like Time. 

  • Prioritize Stressors.


The main resource I wish I had was community.  Therefore, with the purchase of the Plan to W.I.N. Clarity Planner, you also will receive access to the Clarity Community.  The community is a safe space, full of resources, consisting of only like-heart and mind individuals, monthly live access to me via Clarity Conversations, and much more!​


It’s imperative to know what to request when asked, “How can I help?”  The Plan to W.I.N. Clarity Planner takes you beyond just breaking your goals down into steps, but even further to the granule level of tasks. This better prepares you to know exactly what you need and prevent you from getting caught not knowing your “Ask.”  The Plan to W.I.N. Clarity Planner also equips you with the essentials to manage your various personal and professional obligations.  With everything in one organized place, it's a lot easier to build your personalized step-by-step roadmap, empowering you to see the path to greatness.

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Success Method

The Plan to W.I.N. proprietary method leaves you feeling:

  • More confident in your ability to take an idea and make it a reality.

  • Empowered to confidently show up, boldly standout, and claim your rightful spot in the marketplace.

  • Less confused, overwhelmed, and anxious.


In addition, the Plan to W.I.N. Planner includes:

  • Annual, monthly, and daily calendars. 

  • Worksheets to aid you in gaining clarity on your goals, numbers, and required action steps for success.

  • Adequate space to brain dump the many great ideas that randomly come to mind.

  • Access to a virtual training on how to maximize the benefits of your planner.​

Plan to W.I.N. Clarity Planner vs. Others

Not only does the Plan to W.I.N. Clarity Planner promote dreaming, transformation and execution, it provides CLARITY!  Clarity is Power.  Most aspiring entrepreneurs do not have the confidence to move into their calling because they are confused on next steps.  Gaining clarity on how to transition your vision into reality, enables you to confidently show up, boldly standout, and claim your rightful spot in the marketplace.

How does it accomplish this you ask?  Listed below are a few of the many differences that establishes the Plan to W.I.N. Clarity Planner as superior.


The Plan to W.I.N. Clarity Planner:

  • Highlights daily must do’s and should do’s; allowing you to prioritize your day.

  • Allows adequate space to take notes daily, not just at the end of each month.  This way you remember exactly what your notes are in relation to. (Ie an appointment, completed task, etc.).

  • Provides access to Community.  Community increases collaboration and creativity, prevents stagnation, and reduces anxiety. 

  • Rids you of the “Solopreneur Blues” due to isolation by creating community that understands (maybe not in your area code or zip code). 

  • Eliminates confusion and feelings of being all over the place by using my proprietary method to systematically organize your thoughts. 

As a visionary and multipassionate entrepreneur, I understand the struggles of having a million ideas at once, not knowing where to start, frustrated from lack of support, nor being able to find curated resources that are designed with us in mind.  Despite the looks of disgust from those who token me as a flake with a lack of commitment, all over the place, lost, and confused, I pressed on. I knew deep down inside all of my passions connected somehow for a greater purpose….I just couldn’t find the words to articulate my vision. 

It’s my belief that we must tackle problems with a holistic approach in order to truly solve them. However, I was continuously told to focus on one thing at a time; niche down. It doesn't make sense to me…that’s like waiting to make spaghetti sauce AFTER boiling the noodles?!? That would be a waste of time. Why not start the sauce WHILE the noodles boil; not after!
Frustrated with not being able to concisely explain my vision without sounding all over the place, as well as, prevent the looks, questions, and belittling, I begin to retreat, dim my shine and excitement; all in an attempt to “fit in.” I heard someone say, “You can’t hide and be a success.” That hit home…and hard!


Soon after that, I found myself sick and tired of being sick and tired. Discouraged and feeling isolated by not having a community that understood me, I quit a million times. But something continued to tug at my heart to keep searching for a solution. I finally decided if I couldn’t find a solution, I’d just create it!  What’s the old saying?  If you build it, they will come?

Well, that was the beginning of my journey towards helping us; the population so many view as a lost cause.  Creating the Plan to W.I.N. Clarity Planner is one of many ways I help visionaries plan to WIN; aligning their Personal and Professional Goals for Dream Transformation.


Success will not come tomorrow unless you start today.

What to Expect

An annual planner, workbook, "How To" virtual training, and so much more!


The Plan to W.I.N. Clarity Planner is designed to assist you in breaking down your business goals into bite-size, easily manageable tasks. The workbook guides you to clarity of your goal and how to transform a concept into reality.


You can truly expect to:

  • Stop wasting time. 

  • Reduce anxiety and overwhelm.

  • Obtain an opportunity to focus in your lane of genius.

  • Support from a community of other like-heart and mind entrepreneurs.


The Plan to W.I.N. Clarity Planner is for You if:

  • You struggle to align being a dreamer and execution.

  • You are tired of wasting money, purchasing planners, and not using even half of it.

  • You are not focused due to a lack of structure and accountable.

  • You are the encouraging strong friend with little to no reassurance.

  • You appreciate daily reminders that you can and will succeed.

  • You are overwhelmed.

  • You mark up your planner to fit your needs because you can’t find the perfect one. 

  • You feel like you need two separate planners; one for life and one for your dreams.

  • You are experiencing burn out from working 9-to-5 and hustling from 5 to 9.

  • You understand that the better your business preforms, the better you make the world.

  • You know someone needs you to accomplish your goal so they can do the same.

What else is there to consider?

Purchase the pre-order of your Plan to W.I.N. Clarity Planner TODAY! 

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