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Presented by Jateya Jones,
Founder & CEO at
Jateya Jones Consulting.

Jateya Jones is a conduit for clarity and an alchemist with authenticity.


Fondly known as "Your Favorite Business Coach’s Secret Weapon," Jateya serves as the Founder and Executive Director of Fore Teens, Inc., and the CEO of Jateya Jones Consulting - designed to empower visionaries with clarity. 


Jateya revolutionizes how Multipassionates approach entrepreneurship.


As a Strategy and Communication consultant, she blazes a path for the multi-skilled to clearly articulate WHO they are and WHAT they do, so they can gain the confidence and courage needed to embrace their uniqueness, course correct and unlearn in order to thrive.


Serving as YOUR personal guide for self-discovery, Jateya ignites waves of impact and change, creates a rippling effect for healing and prosperity AND cohesively closes gaps within traditional industries, BUT in untraditional ways. 

In this is for you if you:

  • Know the world needs to see your vision, but you feel stuck and don't know where to start

  • Want help sharing your gifts with the world

  • Need clarity; your vision is fuzzy, but you have the burning desire to make it reality

  • Desire to move forward on reaching your dreams of building the successful business you love​ ​

The truth is clarity is power and once you have it, you’ll find success within your life and business.  Clarity of your life’s purpose is the key to fulfilling your dreams.  I'm here to share the tools required for you to confidently show up and boldly stand out in the marketplace; increasing your income and impact in the world.

Ready to stop sitting on the sidelines while watching everyone else use their gifts to show up and serve others?

Purchase the Purpose Made Plain Challenge for only $7.


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Jateya asks all the right questions to guide you to clarity.  Her approach is intentional and encouraging, which makes you feel confident in the end products or findings that come from her consultation.

Jateya is a whispering storm filled with WISDOM. She calms the mental storms that comes with growing a business and provides you the clarity you need to WALK ON WATER with Confidence.
Thank you my favorite Clarity Coach Jateya Jones.

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